Our Mission

We at Area Four believe that great food comes from great ingredients, and those products that are raised and harvested locally, in a sustainable manner, will not only taste better, but will also be better for the environment, the local economy and our health.

We believe that it’s important to know where our food comes from, to be comfortable knowing that we can trust what we cook, serve and eat. We also believe that our children should have the opportunity to enjoy these foods for generations to come while learning the importance of preserving local farms, ranches and fishing grounds.

Without the contributions of producers who are as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do, we would be a much inferior restaurant. In a show of support, appreciation and awe, we proudly present some of the farms, ranches, seafood purveyors and artisanal producers who everyday help make us a better restaurant group.

Our People

  • Michael Krupp (Business Development/Co-Owner)

    An eclectic, impassioned businessman with a proven history of pushing Boston’s restaurant and retail boundaries, Michael Krupp co-owns and oversees business development at Area Four’s two locations: the shared cafe restaurant space in Cambridge’s tech-driven neighborhood of the same name and wood-fired restaurant in the heart of the Ink Block neighborhood in the South End. He tackled the Area Four project with the same unrelenting drive to set trends that he has carried throughout his career.
  • Jeff Pond (Executive Chef/Partner)

    As Jeff passes his decade mark on the Boston restaurant scene, he’s noticed a shift in his preferred style of cooking. While he once was intrigued by the delicate and complex world of fine dining, Jeff is now drawn to a simpler approach. He believes the best dining experiences are those that are the most relaxed – casual, high-quality ingredients presented in a true, simple way. Since opening Area Four Cambridge in 2011, Jeff has traveled the country, taste-testing regional varieties of pizzas to pull inspiration for his own perfect pie. With Area Four, Jeff brings the artisanal pizza experience to the forefront, showcasing his expertly honed pie-making skills, beloved 14-year old sourdough starter and commitment to delivering creative, bold flavors.
  • Joe Barone (Director of Operations)

    A graduate of Boston University with a degree in sociology, Joe Barone’s knack for observation has always fed his passion for customer relations. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Joe brings his affable personality to Area Four as the first-ever Director of Operations. Joe is committed to empowering the Area Four staff through knowledge, leadership and, of course, an undying love for pizza.


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